Plants have sensation?

Plants may be able to think or may not, but they may be feel.

They react to light and gravity like us, and scientists have discovered that even primitive green algae can sense changes in light direction and intensity.

If you keep a plants indoors of your houses, you will find that the plants always grow towards the source of light. Some Plants also respond to touch and sound.

Some plants have high sensation. Their leaves will droop or shut when they are touched. It is already observed that the plants grow better and faster if we talks to them, or if music is played near them.

An instrument that invented by the great Indian scientist, Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose. That instrument was used by him to prove that plants also have feelings.

However, there is still a lot of confusion in the theories that the plants have feelings or not.

Is plants have emotions or they can feel pain like us when people cut them.