an open invitation


I am Ashutosh (editor) from PENSER studypoint and i am happy to announce, that we are going to open this website to all. so from now you can contribute to us.

if you want to contribute then you have to submit your post or article. we’ll read and analyze your article then we’ll upload it on our website as guest post and then you will become a part of PENSER community.

reason behind to open PENSER is to share knowledge, to make everyone sensible and knowledgeable. so be the witness of this beautiful change and we are waiting for you lovely article, topics and your wishes..

don’t hesitate just send it.

terms and condition apply

you can contact me or send your article on –

26 thoughts on “an open invitation

  1. That is very nice of you to consider growing your web-site with an invitation to others. I’ll try to come up with an article. Your mission to spread knowledge is inspiring.

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