BLACK HOLE – An unsolved mystery

Firstly Blackhole is not is hole.
It is a neutron star.

A Black hole formed when a star dies. The dead star firstly expand due to supernova and then squeeze or contract toward its core due to its high gravitational pull.
Due to this high contraction the electrons of atoms come near to protons in nucleus and become neutral. So that it is called neutron star.

This information is based on some famous theories.
According to some theories the size of a black hole can be as small as just one atom and big as 75 billion miles in diameter.

Currently the smallest known black hole is only 20 km in diameter and have mass equivalent approximetely 3.4 solarmass.
(1 solarmass= 1.8×10³⁰kg).

One teaspoonfull of black hole matter has equivalent mass of one earth. Because it is so dense.

The spin of black hole on its axis is nearly 3000 times faster then earth.
The inside temperature of black hole is very low about 1/10¹⁴kelvin while the outside temperature is very high.

The gravitational pull of black hole is very high. So it bends the space. Due to this bend in space, even light can not pass through a black hole (because light has the property to the travel in straight line).

Anything can never be fall in black hole directly. Due to black hole’s high spin, the object that fall in black hole rotate with a very high speed around it.

Even everything not fall in the black hole because due to high spin, and because of this the centrifugal force increases.
Due to increment in centrifugal force some mass can escape the gravitational pull of black hole.

If anything falls in blackhole, the body rotating and start to stretch toward its surface.
The body Stretch because gravity attract it toward the surface and high spin and high centrifugal force oppose this attraction. So both the phenomena of moving and attracting occur at same time and then the body get stretched.
Because of these phenomena, the form of body changes and it cannot remain stable.

If you fall into a blackhole, the time moves slowly for you due to bend in the space.

Mostly every galaxies has black hole in middle. Our galaxy(the milky way) also has a giant black hole in its middle.

Black holes cannot be observe or seen directly because they are black. They are observed by the radiation and stars moving around them.

Nearest found black hole to our solar system is HR 6819 and it is only 1000 light year away.
(Light year is the distance that travelled by light in one year with speed 3 lakh km/sec).

To come out from a black hole as impossible as to climbing on a waterfall from bottom to top by a boat.

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Current is a flow of electric charge carriers , usually electrons or electron deficient atoms.

the common symbol for current is the uppercase letter I

S.I. unit is ampere

electric current can either be direct or alternating current, means DC or AC


an electric current that reverses its direction many times a second at regular intervals, typically used in power supplies.

AC current can be produced by rotating a coil of wire in magnetic field.


An electric current flowing in one direction only.

a battery is a prime example of DC power

direct current may flow through a conductor such as a wire but can also flow through semiconductors, insulators, or even through a vacuum as in electron or ion beams.

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AGES & STAGES – prenatal to adult

Prenatal – before birth

Newborn – 0 to 2 months

Infant – 2 month to 1 year

Toddler – 1 year to 3 year

Preschooler – 3 to 6 year

Child – 6 to 9 year

Tween – 9 to 12 year

Teen – 13 to 19 year

Adolescence – 19 to 21 year

Adult – 21 – 39 year

Middle adulthood – 39 to 65 years

Late adulthood – 65 years

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MOON – A Brief Introduction

The earth has only one natural satellite called moon. It is also called dead satellite.
Moon’s gravity is just 1/6 of earth’s gravity. It is only 1.62m/s².

A large size terrestrial body collide with earth 4.53 billion years ago and a large piece of earth is separate and revolve in orbit around earth. Now that large piece is our moon.

Due to moon’s less gravity, there is no atmosphere on the moon because the escape velocity of atmospheric particle is greater than the escape velocity of moon and due to this the atmospheric particle escape out of moon’s gravitational pull.

Moon’s escape velocity is only 2.38km/sec while earth’ escape velocity is 11.19km/sec.

Moon complete one revolution of earth in just 29.4 days While earth can complete one revolution of sun in 365.25 days.
Moon can complete one revoution on its axis in 27.3 days.

Earth’s one day time 23 hours and 56 minutes. This is the cause of leap year.

According to some theories if moon does not exist then earth’s day time would be approximately 6 to 10 hours. So moon increase earth’s day time.

Moon’ gravity cause tides in sea.

Thousands of asteroid and comets was collides with moon’s surface and cause craters on its surface. You can see these craters from earth by telescope.

The first living animal land on the moon surface was a dog name Laika on 3 November 1957.
And The man who took the first steps on the moon’s surface on july 20, 1969, was named Neil Armstrong .

Neil Armstrong and aldrin walked on surface of the moon.

Radius of the moon is approximately 1,738 km Earth to moon distance is 384400kms.
Light can take 1.2 second to reach the moon from earth.





list of some famous countries and their currencies


  1. Afghanistan – Afghan afghani
  2. Algeria – Dinar
  3. Argentina – Peso
  4. Australia – Australian dollar
  5. Bahrain – Bahrain dinar
  6. Bangladesh – Taka
  7. Belgium – European Euro
  8. Bhutan – Ngultrum
  9. Brazil – Real
  10. Bulgaria – Lev
  11. Cambodia – Riel
  12. Canada – Canadian dollar
  13. Central African Republic – CFA Franc
  14. Chile – Chilean Peso
  15. Colombia – Colombian Peso
  16. Costa Rica – Colón
  17. Cuba – Cuban Peso
  18. Denmark – Danish Krone
  19. Dominican Republic – Dominican Peso
  20. Egypt – Egyptian pound
  21. Ethiopia – Birr
  22. Finland – markka
  23. France – French franc
  24. Georgia – Lari
  25. Germany – Deutsche mark
  26. Ghana – Cedi
  27. Greece – drachma
  28. Hungary – Forint
  29. Iceland – Icelandic króna
  30. India – Indian Rupee
  31. Indonesia – Rupiah
  32. Iran – Rial
  33. Iraq – Iraqi Dinar
  34. Ireland – european euro
  35. Israel – Shekel
  36. Italy – lira
  37. Jamaica – Jamaican dollar
  38. Japan – Yen
  39. Jordan – Jordanian dinar
  40. Kazakhstan – Tenge
  41. Kenya – Kenya shilling
  42. Korea – Won
  43. Kuwait – Kuwaiti Dollar
  44. Liberia – Liberian dollar
  45. Malaysia – Ringgit
  46. Maldives – Rufiyaa
  47. Malta – Euro
  48. Mauritius – Mauritian rupee
  49. Mexico – Mexican peso
  50. Myanmar – kyat
  51. Nepal – Nepalese rupee
  52. Netherlands – guilder
  53. Nigeria – Naira
  54. Norway – Norwegian krone
  55. Oman – Omani rial
  56. Pakistan – Pakistani rupee
  57. Peru – Peruvian sol
  58. Philippines – Peso
  59. Poland – Zloty
  60. Portugal – Euro
  61. Qatar – Qatari riyal
  62. Romania – Romanian leu
  63. Russia – ruble
  64. Saudi Arabia – riyal
  65. Serbia – Serbian Dinar
  66. Singapore – singapore dollar
  67. South Africa – rand
  68. Spain – peseta
  69. Sri Lanka -Sri Lankan rupee
  70. Sudan – Sudanese Pound
  71. Sweden -Krona
  72. Switzerland – Swiss franc
  73. Syria – Syrian pound
  74. Tajikistan – somoni
  75. Thailand -Baht
  76. Turkey – Turkish lira
  77. Uganda – Ugandan new shilling
  78. Ukraine – Hryvnia
  79. United Arab Emirates – U.A.E. Dirham
  80. United Kingdom – pound
  81. United States of America – dollar
  82. Venezuela – Bolivar
  83. Vietnam – dong
  84. Zimbabwe – United States dollar





you have a finite amount of willpower each day because to exercise your willpower you need energy in the form of oxygen and glucose. That’s why it’s harder to say ‘no’ when you are tired or not feeling yourself.
A thought is a physical pathway in the brain. The more you have that thought, the more you groove and strengthen that path and the easier it is to have it again and again.

even if you consider yourself a creative right brained person, your brain will increase blood circulation to the left of your brain side every 90 to 120 minutes, giving you a greater ability during those times to think linearly.

Your brain only weighs about 3lbs, yet the greedy bastard uses between 20% and 25% of your energy supplies each day, so make sure you stay hydrated and eat high quality food.

Speaking of large numbers, there are approximately 1.1 trillion cells and 100 billion neurons in the average human brain.

A piece of brain tissue the size of a grain of sand contains approximately 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses.


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